Friday, 24 February 2017

LUSH Candy Cane Roulade Shower Smoothie Review

Where has the time gone? I am sure it was Christmas last week! I have so many bath and shower products that sometimes it takes a while to get through them and I finally just finished the last Christmas product in my shower Candy Cane Roulade by LUSH.

The new shoower smoothies are part of the naked product range from lush meaning they now are packaging free. This has the consistency of a soft and squidgy bar of soap and you break a bit of the bar off and use it in the shower. Honestly the roulade range are not the prettiest of Lush products but this  smells amazing, this isn't a peppermint smell but a lovely fresh minty scent instead which I much prefer. This is because Lush uses fresh mint and cyprus oil in this smoothie to  create a slightly sweet but mostly inviograting showertime treat.

This festive smoothie sports a red and white band along the outside which is slightly thicker  and a pink and cream coloured soft soapy inner. In the shower I tend to soften a lump of this between my hands to start to realease the oils in the bar and then work the softened product over my wet skin.  I find if you were to use the whole bar at once the warm water would start to dissolve too much product. Because the roulade contains cocoa butter it is very moisturising on the skin- much more than an average bar of soap. I would say that it doesn't lather up as much as soap or shower gel so I tend to use this bar more for moisturising than for cleaning. Out of the shower my skin is left very soft with a hint of mint!

Sadly this product is limited to Christmas only but there are lots of other roulades in the Lush range that you can pick from.  This is a great addition to your shower routine, and is great at making your skin a little softer and giving you an extra pamper!

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